Ohio’s White-tailed deer – ODNR

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife oversee and manage Ohio’s diverse wildlife to ensure populations remain healthy.

Hunting is still the best wildlife management tool available today, and wehn conducted responsibly, ensures the overall population is not damaged.

Among one of Ohio’s most successful wildlife stories is that of the white-tailed deer.  Extirpated completely by the early 1900s as a result of habitat loss and unregulated hunting, restoration efforts have allowed us to see their numbers increase exponentially.

Todays’ estimated population of our white-tailed deer stands at over 700,000.

Controlled hunts are sometimes allowed for specific and limited number of permits outside of a general hunting season.  It’s utilized to maintain healthy and balanced populations for both animals and plants in that particular area.

The ODNR Division of Wildlife is now accepting applications for controlled deer and waterfowl hunts on selected areas through July 31, including the NASA Plum Brook and the Magee/Ottawa areas.  


Applications can be downloaded from their website. – Click Here!!

Controlled Hunting Lottery Information

 The Division of Wildlife conducts annual hunts on a number of areas that are normally closed to hunting. All applicants (adults and youth) must possess a current hunting license to apply for controlled hunts. Participation is determined by random computer-generated drawings. Applications may not be faxed or emailed. Application fees are non-refundable. Hunters may apply for and participate in, as either a hunter or a partner, no more than one hunt per area, per year. Hunters who fail to adhere to this rule risk disqualification and loss of their application fee. Drawings will be held for each area and each hunt date. Drawings are held in early August for the early waterfowl hunts and in September for all others.

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