Hunter Education


Hunter/Trapper Education

Trapper Education Class:

October 9, 2021    8-4pm

Lunch included

Hunter Education Classes:

October 23, 2021    8am-5pm

Lunch included

Hunter Education

October 23, 2021 8am-5pm

Our hunter and trapper education programs are designed for every age and ability.  These free to the public hunter education classes are brought to you by the Fitchville Conservation League and are funded largely in part by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).   Classes are conducted by ODNR certified instructors and cover a range of topics from: conservation, safety and ethics, to the proper handling of firearms, bow hunting gear, and more.  Courses are designed to provide the participant with the knowledge to become a safe and responsible hunter. 

    Free lunch provided.

    Includes certificate for Free trap shooting sessions.

    Participants 11 years and younger shall be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Click on this link to register for in person Hunter education class.

(The October 23rd class will be available for sign up on September 23, 2021)

Trapper Education

October 9, 2021 8am-4pm

Trapper Education Class:  Registrant must complete a hunter safety course prior to taking the trapper course

Click on this link to register for in person Trapper education class.




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