Fitchville Conservation League (FCL) – Protection Shoot – What is it?

In Protection Shoots, shooters pair off into teams of two. One shooter calls for the target and the other shooter is back-up (or “protection”). A clay target is thrown for the shooter and if he misses then his teammate has the opportunity to back him up. One point is awarded to a hit and no points for a miss. Ten targets are thrown for each team each round. Each shooter gets 5 targets. A perfect score is 10.

Breast Cancer Awareness

We want to give thanks for those who donated to the Susan J Komen Foundation!!!

A total of $450 was raised, and Fitchville Conservation League matched $200, totaling $650!!

Winners of the Action Shoot for Breast Cancer at the Ladies Night Out on the 23rd were Alysha in the 22LR division, Libbe in the .380, and Carin in the 9MM.

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