CCW (Concealed Carry) Class – September 6 & 7

CCW (Concealed Carry) Class

Friday, September 6 & Saturday, September 7

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(Online Registration Form is at – Click Here)

NOTICE: Class is limited to a maximum of 25 attendees. All attendees should have had experience loading and firing a handgun safely. (If not, consider our free Introduction to Handgun Class which is offered a few weeks before the next CCW Class) Initial applications will be made on-line.

Applicants will be notified by email to forward a $25.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve their class opening. Do not send deposit until notified. Initially the request will be immediate.

COURSE FEE: TOTAL – $100.00 ($75.00 balance payable @ the Friday, September 6th class)


Friday, September 6 – Class begins @ 6:00pm until 10:00pm. (No firearms needed).

Saturday, September 7 – Class begins @ 8:am SHARP until finish. (Firearms and ammunition are needed)

Lunch on Saturday is included



“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

A quote by Jeff Cooper, “Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.”

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