FCL Handgun Action Shoot Photos – Saturday, May 13, 2017

The FCL Handgun action shoot consists of three stages, each stage has three targets which the shooter must shoot twice.  The course consisting of three stages is timed, GO, six shots, change magazine, six shots, change magazine, six shots, STOP.  Scoring is as follows:  A = 1 point; B=2 points; C=3 points; D=4 points;  Miss the target completely = 10 point;

Total points dropped are added together and multiplied by a time factor of 0.5s/pt.

Run Time + (Point Dropped*0.5) = Overall Time

The Course – for May 2017 – Stage one.

Bernie getting ready for the next to the last round.  Bernie ran 34 individual runs this morning.

Bernie our leader, shoot course designer, scorer, course set-upper, and course tear-downer.

On your mark, get set, GO!!!  Stage one of three!

Stage two of three!!

Still stage two!

Stage Three of three!!

Scoring begins!

Bernie starts the last run of the day!  Stage one!

Stage one still!

Stage two!

Stage two!!

Stage Three!!

Stage Three!

Stage Three

Stage Three is finished! Scoring begins

A perfect shoot!  A good score!  The black and Blue dots are covering up holds in the targets.

Placing the dots on the bullet holes!

A view from behind!

The final tally!!!



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