2 Gun Action Shoot – Pistol and Rifle

2 Gun Action Shoot – Pistol and Rifle

Sept. 29th

Start Time: 9 AM Till last Shooter

Prizes awarded to 4 top lowest scores

2 Classes – 22’s and 380’s

9mm and higher

Entree Fee: $10.00 – Per round Registered

$15.00 –  Not registered at fcl2.com

Credit Cards Welcome


  Equipment needed:

• 22 to 45 Caliper pistols and revolvers, 3-4 magazines
• Magazine holders, Hostler and Ammo
• 22 and up rifles with sling 3 magazines -10 to 30 round magazines
• Safety glasses and ear protection
• Appropriate clothing based on Ohio weather


Re-enter as many times as you would like

For more info: call 419-656-8025

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